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    Hulo Changes The Game Forever

    Every Business Will Need A Beacon

      The Retail Advantage

      Currently there is a rapid uptake of beacon technology in the retail space, the ability to to supply relevant real time data to consumers has changed retail business as we know it today. The Hulo platform is a turnkey solution that allows a business owner to interact with clients in highly efficient way, our solution provides a cloud based solution that allows the business owner to create and deploy custom product messages such as specials and additional details. The end user has the choice to save product information to a favourites section for consideration or purchase through an ecommerce platform at a later time.

      Hulo Is Win Win

      Hulo beacon technology is win win, consumers benefit from highly relevant timely information that promotes informed decision making. Retailers and business owners can provide a higher level of service to their clients, increased sales conversions and data collection combined with state of the art business intelligence and marketing tools means owners and managers are at the leading edge of the technology curve. Companies using beacon technology to improve the client engagement process include McDonalds, Coca Cola, Woolworths just to name a few. Sales increases have been reported as high as 94% in some cases when compared to traditional methods.

      The Hulo Tool Box

      The Hulo tool box is designed as a modular scaleable solution designed to service a broad range of vertical industries. Hulo is currently being implemented in medical, retail and sales companies. Hulo technology is cloud based with an impressive suite of back office promotional and marketing tools that has been developed and refined over a decade. On the front end our beacons are state of the art, rugged and deployable both indoors and outdoors. Our information deployment platform is an elegant simple solution that requires little if any training time. We can have new operators up and running on the same business day in many cases.

    And Then.....

    Its not just a retail tool which is in reality a small part of a much bigger picture. Hulo is a modular platform with applications that span into the navigation and way finding space to the hospitality and asset management verticals. Hulo can trigger a client survey, a push notification, it can load a map or track an item.

    Hulo Social & Marketing

    Hulo unlocks the power of social media in a way that has never been available to business before. Combined with the passive data collection on the front end and a powerful suite of database marketing tools and analytics on the back end Hulo stands tall as a unique game changing application. Hulo can form the basis for business intelligence reporting and much more. Show us your business and we can show you how Hulo can help.

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